Friday, January 24, 2014

Unusual Doll Lamp

This lovely lady was in a storage building that my mother purchased at an auction. 

I thought my mom was going to throw her away, so I decided I wanted to save her.

So I took a couple of vintage skirts that were in that same storage locker and I gave her a new "hat and skirt."  My husband also rewired her.  

This is what she looks like now:

If you'd like to purchase her, she can be found at The Historic Camp Bowie Mercantile - first booth to the right as you enter the front doors.  Purchase price - $75.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chair & Stool

I bought these at a garage sale.  After some gluing and clamping and clamping and gluing - after taking each individual nail/tack thingy out by hammering a screwdriver under each one and using pliers to pull them out - after sanding down the wood a little and applying a layer of brown glaze - after pulling and tugging and stapling and tacking the fabric - after gluing the trim around the edges - after all that, they looked like this:

Amen and halleluiah!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I bought this beaut at a yard sale a few months ago for $8.  The poor thing had seen better days, but I thought it had good bones, as they say, so I bought it.

The gold velour fabric was brittle, and all I had to do to deconstruct this thing was rip the fabric off - didn't have to use a seam ripper or anything.  I was very careful, though, to rip the fabric along the seams so that I could use the old fabric as a pattern for cutting out my new fabric.  

Now, I'm not the best sewer around, but I thought recovering a stool would be easy.  It would have been super duper easy.  But do you see that piping going around the top and the bottom of the cushion?  I thought that would cause me some serious heartache, but it actually didn't.  I found this great tutorial on Pinterest on how to make your own piping.

Since I saved the rope from the original piping, it was just a matter of cutting the new fabric on the bias and then sewing the rope into the material.  I figured out that when sewing the rope in the material, you shouldn't get right up on the rope with your seam because after you attach the piping, you might be able to see that seam.  (That makes perfect sense in my head, so I hope it makes sense to y'all - LOL)

Just kidding...this isn't really the after. 
I fell in love with this fabric at Joann's.  It's called Penny Candy.  It made me smile.  And the second I saw it, I knew it belonged on this stool, so I bought it.  

It still makes me smile just looking at it.

You ready for the real after?  Here it is:

I swear I hugged myself after I finished this thing.

Sometimes you've just got to give yourself a little hug and say, Way To Go!

Wicker Storage Baskets

I bought this at a yard sale for $5.  Somebody had spray painted it black - and it wasn't a very good paint job, I might add.  I wish I had taken a picture of it before I spray painted it white.  (Please don't mind the shoe, the dog bed and the 9,000-year-old floor in the picture - that's just life.)

Anyway, I spray painted everything white, I gave it a splash of turquoise.  Why?  Because I think I might have a slight addiction to turquoise.  Anyway, here it is after a few hints of my favoritist color ever.  (Don't mind the owl - he's just stamped on a price tag I put on there.)

I think she turned out pretty cute.

Spinny Stool

Can you tell I'm slightly obsessed with stools?  This one is just so pretty...and it spins, y'all!  How fun is that?

I forgot to take a before picture, but imagine rust colored vinyl on the top and plain wood on the bottom.  It wasn't very pretty.

But she is now.  I'll miss you, Spinny Stool.  I hope you go to a fabulous home.

You can buy this beaut at the Vineyards Antique Mall in Colleyville - Just ask for Booth Vintage 32 or Dealer #13.

Wooden Shelves

Isn't it amazing what a little bit of paint can do...paint and a little elbow grease.  Bought these shelves at a garage sale for $4.  Sanded them down a bit and then spray painted them with a can of Key Lime spray paint.  Easy peasy limey squeezy.

Seafoam Green End Tables

Bought these Duncan-Phyfe type end tables at a yard sale (light beige, lower left-hand corner).  I was planning on doing some fancy staining on the top part but I had the wrong kind of stain, so we wound up staining the whole top.  Anywho, when my husband took the tops off of the bases, the tops fell apart in three different pieces.  He had to glue and clamp and sand, sand, sand.

I wish like anything spray paint came in seafoam green.  Why, oh, why, don't you come in seafoam green, spray paint?  Please, Krylon, Rustoleum or somebody hear my pleas!  Since I don't have a fancy sprayer (sniff, sniff) I wound up painting these suckers by hand - no big whoop.

I think they turned out to be fabulous.  What do you think?

On a side note:  I came across this picture while searching for pics of the tables.  It just cracks me up.  (The cat looks like my sweet cat, Loco, who died a few years ago.  I could see him saying this - lol.)